Perfect Audience Press

When Y Combinator-incubated Perfect Audience launched last year, its stated goal was to make it easy for small advertisers (startups, small agencies, and others) to run retargeted ads on Facebook. Turns out, however, that there’s been much broader interest in the startup’s tools, with customers including enterprise companies and larger agencies. According to CEO and co-founder Brad Flora, it’s part of the broader “consumerization of enterprise” trend, where companies want simple tools that they can “operate themselves” without technical assistance.

When I wrote about the launch of Y Combinator-backed Perfect Audience earlier this month, co-founder and President Brad Flora suggested that I test out the service for myself, so I could see how easy it is to use Perfect Audience’s tools to run retargeting ads in Facebook. It was indeed quite simple, and now Flora has sent over the results.

Most search marketers are familiar with using intent data from search queries to target paid-search ads on engines or display ads on publisher sites, but a startup called Perfect Audience built a similar do-it-yourself platform for Facebook to retarget ads through the Facebook Exchange.

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